How to be happy.

We want to keep you happy, healthy and compassionate.

We are glad that we are in a caring community. We make ourselves useful by being there for you when you need us. Furthermore, we feel privileged to care for you. 
Our journey started in 2013 when we realized there was a healthcare desert in the middle of Aurora. We started in what is designated as Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). 
The problems faced by patients in HPSA are multifactorial. There is serious inequity not just in health, but in mental health, social and financial support.


With serious constraint on our time and resources we still are available for you but with following expectations. This is mostly because we love this community. We have a professional caregiver team that puts patients first, and we have built systems and processes to provide the highest quality care at extremely affordable prices.


To keep the prices affordable, we use a team based approach with Nurse Practitioners as primary care providers. If a case is complicated only then a referral is written for a physician.  This improves access to healthcare. 


Our expectations.

Patients must fill all the paperwork online.

We want to spend most of the time with you and not on shuffling papers. So, we built this system of automated check in and check out. We request every patient to check in at least six hours before the appointment. If you do not check in, we may cancel your appointment without any prior notice. 

Patients must keep a credit card on file.

We also have a credit card on file policy for all patients who are not on medical assistance. The card on file is automatically charged when the bill is due. Before we generate the bill, we send a claim to the insurance, and we bill you only after the insurance has adjudicated the claim and determined your responsibility.

Pain management is not our specialty.

Pain management is a complex specialty which can only be done by physicians who are board certified in pain management. Our office only has extenders.  We do not do pain management. We do not dispense medications where none are necessary.

We do not play referee in your care provider's decisions.

We also do not interfere in provider's judgement on your treatment plan. Please do not ask us to be a referee. Providers know what is best for you. If you disagree with their plan, please ask for a second opinion. We will gladly give you a referral.

We want paperwork limited to our patients.

We also do not do disability paperwork for a new patient in the first year we have seen them. Before we determine disability, we need at least one year of care to ascertain the exact nature of interventions needed. Please do not make appointments only to request disability paperwork when you already have another provider taking care of you.



Our patients must check in online.


Our system automatically sends reminders to check in one day before your appointment. You can check in for your appointment up to six hours in advance. If you have not checked-in, your appointment slot will be given to wait listed patients.


Our patients must pay bills when they are due.


Our system automatically sends bills when the bill is generated and charges the credit card on file, In the event you do not want to put a credit card on file, you can pay your entire bill before the service and file your own claim with the insurance.

Our patients must be in our plan


Please know there are too many plans and often plans hide restrictions. We make every attempt to get the plan details before your visit. Please understand, booking an appointment does not guarantee that you will be seen. It depends on the plan restrictions on the day of service.

Your expectations.

Patient must be able to get same day or next day appointment.

We provide same day or next day appointment from the online calendar.  

Patient must be able to call and speak to their provider.

We provide same day or next day appointment from the online calendar. Book a telephonic visit to speak to the provider today.

Patient must not be on hold on the phone.

With nearly 600 pieces of communication (phone, fax, mail, chat, email) our front desk is sometimes not able to respond. In such case, please use secure chat and request the help you need. Please check your secure chat in two business hours for a response.

Patient must be able to review their provider.

Please review your provider from this link.  Reviewing elsewhere online may expose your health information and may violate HIPAA law. So we do not respond to online reviews. Also remember, you must have a visit to do review. So, if you are satisfied or if you have found any deficiencies, ask for a review form to be attached to your visit and fill it. We will make sure your problem is resolved to your satisfaction. 

Office must take my insurance 

Please review your insurance to understand if there are any limitations on the provider you can use. We accept almost all insurance, Medicare and Colorado Medical Assistance.  However, insurance companies have restrictions. Even Colorado Medicaid has restrictions on where you can get care. We make every effort to get insurance authorization. If no authorization is provided, we call you and ask you to reschedule.

Rates for services must be reasonable and affordable.

Our rates are extremely affordable at or below 50 percent of usual or customary rates! This is due to high amount of automation which we ourselves built. That is why we ask you to finish all the paperwork from your phone/tablet and use secure chat instead of calling our office.

My provider must fill all the medications I want without any hesitation and I do not need any follow-ups.

We follow 1 month, 3 months or 6 month refill policy as is appropriate for your medical condition. Many of the medications have side effects which necessitate closer follow up, lab work and reconciliation. The follow-up is entirely decided by your care plan created by your provider. To understand why you need follow-ups click here.

Patient must get pain management in the clinic.

We do not do pain management. We also cannot provide controlled substances without close follow-up protocol and referrals. We can give you a referral whenever you need something which is beyond our scope.

Office must accept all the insurance.

We accept most of the insurances, but your plans have restrictions on whom you can see. So, we urge patients to check in online 6 hours before the appointment. Our online system tells you if your insurance is accepted. At present, we accept Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and Medicare. For Medicaid, we accept any patient who has been assigned to us.  Our Medicaid panel is full for unassigned patients. 

Office must not balance bill.

We do not balance bill when insurance has paid us a reasonable reimbursement. We only send bills when insurance says it is patient responsibility. 

Office must provide holistic medicine.

Our office provides you education on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and good lifestyle to prevent sickness. During your visit ask for an Ayurvedic quiz to customize your food choices. 
We can gladly help. 


At the time of office visit, please present your insurance card.  We bill your visit to the insurance card you present. 

In the event of an error in your insurance, please let our front office staff know.

We are in network with most insurances. However individual plans may vary and not known till a claim is adjudicated.

We are a smoke free facility.

We need every patient to finish all the forms online and check in online if possible. 

Most visits start on time, so please plan to be at the office, fifteen minutes before your appointment.

Habitual no show patients are terminated from the patient panel.

We charge a no show fee.

If you are not able make the commute, or take time off for commute , explore tele medicine available now.