Saturday Clinic

Saturday Clinic

Our next Saturday Clinic is on December 7th, 2019.

We are open M-F 8 am to 5 pm and we are open 8 am to 5 pm on days we have Saturday clinic.  Please book appointments online before reaching the clinic.  

Premium Primary Care


Denver Metro Area

Same Day Appointments.

What we provide

Primary Care 

Our location in Aurora provides primary care services to patients. We treat acute as well chronic conditions. Our office is in network for most insurances as primary care providers.  Our primary care is also serving urgent appointments and same day appointments. By providing same day appointments we are keeping our patients out of emergency room or urgent care clinics.  Since you see a physician,  quality of primary care in our office is superior. We also have built completely digitized processes to ensure you get the best treatments at the lowest cost. We provide urgent and  same day appointments. 

what we are like

Urgent Care

Our uniqueness is our open access schedule. We wrote this software ourselves! This gives us unique ability to provide same day appointments. So you will have quality physician care on the same day as you are sick. We can do most tests in-house and provide urgent care like availability while retaining our quality and evidence based treatments. 

About Us

About Our Company

We provide the timely, affordable and highest quality care in outpatient setting. We are a high technology, and high touch practice that is raising the bar for healthy outcomes for our patients. 

We not only provide the highest quality medical care, we also actively lower the costs in healthcare.  

We are physician owned and hence do not charge other fees like "facility" fees like most of the practices are charging. We accept most insurances, self pay patients and church based health share accounts. 


Our Process

 Everyday we are rescuing a complex , un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed patients in the broken healthcare system of America and put them on the path of recovery.  We focus on getting the diagnosis right. We may not get the diagnosis right during the first visit itself. In such cases typically ask the patient to follow up in 7 to 15 days while we work on various labs and imaging.  

For patients who are a path to recovery the follow up appointments are made as per provider's orders and patients can edit the time of the appointment from the website. 


Our Services

Acute Visit
Sick visit
preventative visit
Chronic Care
job, sports
in-house labs
Online visits
Imaging Orders
care plans
Internal Medicine


We treat patients sixteen and above in a general practice setup with office procedures such as suturing, casts, wellness visits, labs, spirometry and EKGs. We are able to meet 85 percent of all the healthcare needs. 

Our address is

14707 E 2nd Ave Suite 150

Aurora CO 80011

Ph:  720.400.8935

Fax: 720.216.1934

The Team

Meet Our Team

Asha Kamat MD
Michelle Palermo