Crohn's disease

What is Crohn's disease?

Crohn's disease is a lifelong condition in which parts of the digestive system become inflamed.

Genetic, autoimmune, imbalance of gut bacteria, Previous infection of the gut, Smoking have been proposed as causes of Crohn's disease.

What are the symptoms of Crohn's disease?

Repeated diarrhea which may contain blood, mucus, pus

Discomfort in the abdomen (tummy)

Needing to go to the restroom to have a bowel movement repeatedly

Weight loss

Sores in the mouth

What should I do if I have symptoms of Crohn's disease?

Consult your healthcare provider.

How is Crohn's disease diagnosed and treated?

Your healthcare provider will perform a physical exam, Lab tests.

A procedure is done where a camera will be passed to look at the gut[Colonoscopy, Upper and lower GI Endoscopy].

Treatment is done with oral medicines to control the acute symptoms, Long-term medicines to suppress the immune system.

Sometimes surgery is recommended.

How do I manage Crohn's disease in the long-term?


Take medications as prescribed.

Avoid smoking.

You will see a team of healthcare providers, who will help you manage Crohn's disease.

Location of abdominal organs

Image result for colon location 

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