Back pain

Why does back pain happen?

Almost everybody gets a back pain at some point.

Back pain can happen from muscle strain, after physical activity

Arthritis affecting the joints of the spine.

Disc problems.

Pinched nerves.

Bones [vertebra] which are out of place.

Rarely Tumor on infection

What are the symptoms?

Patients can experience 

Pain or stiffness in the lower back.

See your healthcare provider immediately if you have

Numbness or tingling around your genitals or buttocks.

Difficulty peeing

Urinating or Defecating on yourself

Chest pain.

High grade fever.

Unusual weight loss

Swelling or Abnormal appearing back.

When it does not improve after rest or gets worse at night.

Started after trauma, like falling down, car accident. 

What should I do if I have symptoms of Back pain?

Consult your healthcare provider.

How is Back pain diagnosed and treated?

Your healthcare provider will perform a physical exam, and order imaging if necessary.

Medicines, Exercises will be prescribed to relieve the discomfort.

Surgery is indicated only when there is a specific cause for the back pain.

Self-help for Back pain?

Take medicines for pain relief as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Massage the muscles that are tense. Stay active.

Applying ice to the area to decrease pain [5 minutes at a time, to prevent skin damage]

Apply heating pad/Hot water bottle/hot shower to the area to decrease pain 5-10 minutes at a time [Use caution with heat, it can burn your skin]

Obtain a 'ok'  from your healthcare provider to perform back exercises.

Reduce stress, talk to your healthcare provider about stress relieving exercises.

Watch your posture. Learn to lift using your legs instead of your back.

What can I do to prevent Backpain?

Use good posture, Stay active

Avoid sitting in one position for too long.

Lift with your legs instead of your back.


Back strengthening exercises

Mattress and pillow with good support

Stress management.




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