Hospital Discharges

There will be situations when you are admitted to hospital. Because of aggressive cost cutting by the third parties and other reasons, you are now instructed at the hospital to follow up with your physician. This follow up saves lot of harm to the patient.  Everyday we see patients who have been put on wrong medications with improper discharge planning. Hospitals are not only discharging patients quicker but also are using unsafe practice of using non physicians to discharge patients.


So getting a physician to properly go thorough your discharge papers and ensure that medications are proper and conditions are properly diagnosed is always a good idea. If hospital asks you to see your physician, book your office visit within 7 days of hospital discharge and bring your hospital discharge papers. Please do not mix your regular office visits with hospital discharge follow ups.  We provide same day or next day appointments when you need. 

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At the time of office visit, please present your insurance card.  We bill your visit to the insurance card you present. 

In the event of an error in your insurance, please let our front office staff know.

We are in network with most insurances. However individual plans may vary and not known till a claim is adjudicated.

We are a smoke free facility.

We need every patient to finish all the forms online and check in online if possible. 

Most visits start on time, so please plan to be at the office, fifteen minutes before your appointment.

Habitual no show patients are terminated from the patient panel.

We charge a no show fee.

If you are not able make the commute, or take time off for commute , explore tele medicine available now.