Pre Op Visits

One of the important aspect of having a primary care in your care team is reduction of risk of adverse events during and after the surgeries.  We provide Pre Op Visits to our patients approximately three to four weeks before the planned date of the surgery. 

It is very important to have this Pre-Op visit with your primary care. We monitor 14 different subsystems and hence are well equipped to asses the risk and then mitigate it through medicine changes, control of lab levels and management of the care plan post surgery.


What happens before the Pre Op?

  1. Please book an appointment that is at least three weeks prior to your surgery.
  2. Ask your surgeon to send a pre-op request to us (your primary care) ; This request can specify the procedure planned and labs expected.
  3. Show up for your Pre-Op appointment. Please let the front office know you are here for the Pre-Op. Do not discuss your other problems during this visit.

What happens during your Pre Op visit?

  1. Your primary care physician will assess the procedure planned and agree for the procedure. You can discuss about the procedure and risk and benefits.
  2. Our office will do certain labs as requested by the surgeon or your primary care physician
  3. We may also send additional referrals if your condition warrants
  4. We collect all the information from lab, imaging and consults and your primary care physician assesses if procedure is safe given your condition. Your physician communicates her decision along with risk score for the surgery (calculated if enough data is available)
  5. We also make you read our surgery check list so that you can plan a safer surgery and a safer care giving at home
  6. You also book an appointment to see us after your surgery (Post Op Visit)
  7. If you need any additional care giver help, we will provide you signed orders so that you can set up additional care (home health, physical therapy) 

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