Supplemental oxygen therapy

What is home oxygen therapy?

Home oxygen therapy involves breathing in air that contains more oxygen than normal from a cylinder or machine in your home.

Why should I use home oxygen?

If you have a health condition that causes low levels of oxygen in your blood, you may feel breathless and tired, particularly after walking or coughing. 

Breathing air with oxygen increases the amount of oxygen in your blood.

It helps reduce your symptoms, and makes it easier to carry out daily activities.

Oxygen therapy helps prevent brain damage, heart damage.

Who are recommended Home oxygen therapy?

Patients who have low oxygen levels, with the diagnosis of COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, heart failure, obesity related low oxygen, severe asthma, pulmonary hypertension, cystic fibrosis, conditions which affect breathing are advised oxygen therapy.

How can I obtain home oxygen?

Your healthcare provider will determine if you need Home oxygen.

Breathing test, test to measure oxygen levels are done in the healthcare providers office.

A prescription is provided to the oxygen dispensing company. 

The oxygen dispensing company will work with your health insurance to dispense home oxygen.

What are the precautions I should take with home oxygen?

Do not smoke while you're using oxygen.

Keep oxygen at least 6 feet away from flame, heater or any heating devices.

Do not use flammable liquids while using oxygen.

Do not use oil-based creams like Vaseline while using oxygen.

Ensure fire alarms and smoke detectors are working at your house.

Keep oxygen cylinders upright.

Follow instructions from the oxygen company.

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