Otitis media

What is otitis media?

Otitis media are ear infections commonly seen in children.

Ear infections often get better on their own in 2-3 days.

What are the symptoms of otitis media?


Feeling sick.

Loss of energy

Difficulty hearing.

Discharge from the ear

Feeling of pressure inside the ear

Itching and irritation around the ear

Scaly skin in and around the ear.

Young children/babies with your infection may also

Rub or pull their ear

Not react to some sounds


Lose their balance.

Not eat normally.

What should I do if I have otitis media with severe symptoms?

Consult your healthcare provider immediately if

You have high fever.

Ear pain that does not get better after three days.

Swelling around the ear

Fluid/Blood coming from the ear

Other symptoms like being sick, severe sore throat, dizzy

Repeated ear infections

If you have a weak immune system due to long-standing disease, medications.

Antibiotic tablets, eardrops, steroid eardrops, antifungal eardrops can be prescribed based on the condition.

What should I do if I have otitis media with mild symptoms?

Use over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol or ibuprofen. Children under 16 should not use aspirin.

Place a warm or cold wash cloth on the ear

Do not put anything inside your ear to remove earwax, such as cotton buds or your finger

Do not let water or shampoo get in your ear

Do not use decongestants or antihistamines – there's no evidence they help with ear infections

How can I prevent ear infections?

Stay up-to-date with your vaccinations.

Do not smoke.

Avoid sticking objects or fingers in your ears

Use earplugs when you swim

Prevent water or shampoo getting into your ears when you take a shower or bath.

Treat conditions that affect your ears like eczema or allergies to hearing aids.

Otitis media

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