Neck pain

Why does neck pain happen?

Neck pain happens when there is injury to structures in the neck like bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves.

What are the symptoms?

Patients can experience 

Pain or stiffness in the neck, shoulders, upper back, arms.


Weakness in the neck.

Unable to turn or move the neck, or discomfort while moving the neck

In cases of severe neck problems, patients may experience

Numbness or pins and needles in the shoulders or arms.

Trouble walking or moving the legs.

Having no control over the bowels or bladder

What should I do if I have symptoms of Neck pain?

Consult your healthcare provider.

How is Neck pain diagnosed and treated?

Your healthcare provider will perform a physical exam, and order imaging if necessary.

Medicines, Exercises will be prescribed to relieve the discomfort.

Self-help for Neck pain?

Take medicines for pain relief as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Massage the muscles that are tense.

Applying ice to the area to decrease pain [5 minutes at a time, to prevent skin damage]

Apply heating pad/Hot water bottle/hot shower to the area to decrease pain 5-10 minutes at a time [Use caution with heat, it can burn your skin]

Obtain a 'ok'  from your healthcare provider to perform neck exercises.

Reduce stress, talk to your healthcare provider about stress relieving exercises.

Watch your posture.

What can I do to prevent neck pain?

Use good posture – Hold your head up and keep your shoulders down.

Avoid sitting in one position for too long.

Avoid doing work above your head for too long.

Avoid putting pressure on your upper back.

Mattress and pillow with good support, keep your neck in line with the rest of the body when you sleep.

Stress management.




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