Premium Primary Care

What is Premium Primary Care?

This is the best primary care with highest quality, lowest cost and most improved access.

Tell me more about it?

We ensure highest quality because physicians are in control of our clinic. We hold down costs by being independent practice with no facility fees. We are not hospital or insurance owned so we have no need to generate revenues for them. We are a thinking medical practice and we have built tools and processes to cut down costs drastically.

I get it. But what about access?

State of Colorado has thanked us on behalf of citizens of Colorado. Our practice motto is care with compassion. 

We offer low cost access to under served and high quality practice to insured. 

This is our social contract. 

I am impressed. Can you accept my insurance?

We now take Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shied, Cigna, Humana and some plans of United Healthcare. 

Best way to check if we accept your insurance is to use the link below and check yourself!

How do I know if my insurance will approve your claim?

Even though we accept your insurance, it is possible that your insurance will still reject the claim for a myriad of reasons!

Best way to protect yourself is using our online checker from our website. Please book an appointment and provide your insurance details at the time of appointment.  Our automated checker then verifies insurance and informs you over your email or cell phone! 

Wow. So I can check my insurance eligibility from this site! Great! What else can I do?

You can fill demographics information, provide your history and provide reasons for visit, fill wellness forms, provide picture ids and even prepay your copays from the website! 

Some of our patients finish everything online and then walk into examination room using pre- check in option. You truly are a royalty in our clinic!