Premium Primary Care

What is Premium Primary Care?

This is the best primary care with highest quality, lowest cost and most improved access.

Tell me about cost and quality?

We ensure highest quality because we focus on the patient. Our processes are continually improving. We have built our own tech platform to coordinate care and we rarely have misses. 

 We hold down costs by being independent practice with no facility fees. We are not hospital or insurance owned so we have no need to generate revenues for them

We are a thinking medical practice and we have built tools and processes to cut down costs drastically.

Why you focus on access!

What good is highest quality and lowest cost but blocks out access. We pride in being available when you need. The "Book Now" button above shows next available appointment!  

State of Colorado has thanked us on behalf of citizens of Colorado for our focus on fixing access . Our practice motto is care with compassion. 

We offer low cost access to under served and high quality practice to insured. 

This is our social contract. 

I am impressed. Can you accept my insurance?

We now take Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shied, Cigna, Humana and some plans of United Healthcare. 

Best way to check if we accept your insurance is to use the link "book appointment" above and check yourself!

How technology helps?

Our care navigator Carrie manages your visit from start to finish and up to seven days after your visit!

You must provide a valid cellphone, valid email and valid credit card (no credit card required for those on Medicaid) at the time of booking.

Carrie intelligently gets both front office (dealing with insurance) and back office (dealing with insurance, pharmacy, PBM, fax, phone, referrals.. so on) work so that we can focus on your care!

What are the conditions you treat?

Currently we have play book to treat, manage or cure six hundred(600) conditions! 

We focus on getting the diagnosis right. 

We treat both acute and chronic conditions. 

To know more about conditions we treat please Click Here