corona virus instructions

 Please read the instructions below to avoid getting infected with Corona Virus.

Wash Hands with Soap

Wash hands with soap frequently. Avoid shaking hands with others. Maintain social distance. 

Avoid Large Crowds

Avoid shopping malls, movie theaters and social functions for next two weeks. Shop during early morning when crowds are less.  Work from home. 

Use telemedicine

Use telemedicine to talk to your doctor. Avoid using ER and urgent care if you are not sick. If you are sick talk to us first. We can order most of the tests with a telemedicine visit. Use telemedicine for your routine chronic care.  Click here to book your telemedicine visit.

check-in and Check-out from your phone

If you have to come to our office, please check in from your phone from your home. That way you do not have to touch any paper forms and clipboards and directly get checked into the exam room quickly without undue wait at the waiting room. Click here to check in online. 

At the end of the office visit, wash your hands throughly using the soap provided in the exam room.  

Head out without any checking out at the front desk. You can finish your checkout using the checkin code if you have used online check in.