Insurance companies jack up the price of prescription drugs through sweet heart deals they write with their own prescription benefit management companies.  Till insurance companies go away we wont see any decrease in the healthcare costs. At this time we see prescription prices are sky rocketing because of "greed" of the third parties such as hospitals and insurance companies.  Here are some of the ways you can reduce your prescription costs. Dr. Kamat mostly writes generic prescriptions but with a certain insurance company that has a long name with no pauses, even generics cost an arm and leg.  Use these resources to reduce your prescription bills.


Benefits Checkup (National Council on Aging): This website gives people lists of services and programs for which they can apply. The lists include programs to help pay for medicines, but also programs that don't have to do with health care directly. For example, this site has information on finding housing, getting food stamps, and finding elder care. You can search for all types of programs at once or target your search to find a specific kind of service.
Needymeds: This is an independent non-profit organization that provides information about patient assistance from drug companies and the government. The site also offers people a discount card that they can use on prescriptions if they have no insurance or choose not to use their insurance. This card is especially useful in paying for medicines after you reach the Medicare coverage gap and Medicare is no longer paying for your prescriptions. (You reach the coverage gap, sometimes called the "donut hole," once you and your plan spend a certain amount of money for covered drugs. After that, you have to pay more for your prescriptions up to a certain amount.)
Medicine Assistance Tool: This is a search tool that helps people learn about cost-saving programs available through drug companies.
Rx Assist: This website lets you enter the name of a medicine or the name of a drug company to find programs that can help you get that medicine or medicines made by that company at a reduced cost. In many cases, the online applications for those programs are included.
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Rx Outreach: This website offers medicines and diabetic treatment supplies at a reduced cost to people who make less than a certain amount of money each year.