Prescription Refill Policy

All the prescriptions are filled till your next scheduled visit. WE DO NOT DO YEARLY REFILLS. It is just bad practice of medicine. Once we have assumed your care, we need to adhere to standard of care and we fill medications only after a prescription reconciliation at the time of office visit till your next visit.  During every visit, the side effects of medicines is monitored sometimes with additional labs and sometimes based on updated information. (Once we realized that one of the PBM was dispensing medicines with known carcinogens we changed the medicines to reduce the harm to the patient).  This refill practice also forces patients and physicians to meet at regular intervals to monitor the progress. If you can not get time off from work, you can book an eVisit that can happen from your office or home.  Please talk to the front office.


Pharmacy Refill Requests

We receive a ton of requests. Just to elucidate, please note a screenshot from our fax server. And pay attention to time stamp. All these faxes are not correct. These medications being requested have been stopped due to side effects. In some instance the patient has moved to a new pharmacy and filling them again will be an overdose.  We also have instances where pharmacies routinely bombard us with faxes requesting medications claiming that patient called the pharmacy!  


Given this mess pharmacy requests create and harm they can do the patient, we have a policy of not responding to pharmacy requests unless, you specifically call us and request over our refill line. 


When to use Refill line?

Refill line is not a substitute for your care plan. Refills must be requested only when you missed your scheduled appointment and are not able to see physician within next two weeks because we are booked. When you request refill, we do a refill for a month to allow you to get back to follow up appointment schedule. If you get your refill, please remember to book your appointment within three weeks to get back to the follow up schedule. 

What happens when you leave voice mail on refill line

Our care coordination team checks if the refill request is correct. Reconciles your medicine requests with other medicines you are taking and then request physician to do one time emergency refill. This process takes three business days. If you are in a hurry and need faster response, book an online eVisit or check our online calendar for walkins.  If both eVisit and Walkins are not available, then leave a message on the refill line that you need this urgently and there are no visits available. Our team will stay back that day after work and call the prescriptions. 

Office Time

We work from Monday to Friday 8 am 5 pm with a lunch break between 12 noon and 1 pm.  We are also generally available from 4 pm to 5 pm for walkins. However you must have an appointment for walkin.  Please book from online. 

Office Closures

We follow Cherry Creek School District Closure. If Cherry Creek School District is closed due to weather conditions, we too are closed.

On the days we close we put a message on our website for the weather related closure. We also put a message on our phone attendant.

Our auto dialer will  call/text you about the closure.

Please make sure your phone information is accurate so as to never miss a phone call or text.

Rescheduled Appointments

When we close because of weather or other extraordinary circumstances,

  • We automatically reschedule your follow up  appointments to same day, same time next week. 
  • We automatically reschedule your annual preventative visits to same day, same time next month. 



Insurance companies jack up the price of prescription drugs through sweet heart deals they write with their own prescription benefit management companies.  Till insurance companies go away we wont see any decrease in the healthcare costs. At this time we see prescription prices are sky rocketing because of "greed" of the third parties such as hospitals and insurance companies.  Here are some of the ways you can reduce your prescription costs. Dr. Kamat mostly writes generic prescriptions but with a certain insurance company that has a long name with no pauses, even generics cost an arm and leg.  Use these resources to reduce your prescription bills.


Benefits Checkup (National Council on Aging): This website gives people lists of services and programs for which they can apply. The lists include programs to help pay for medicines, but also programs that don't have to do with health care directly. For example, this site has information on finding housing, getting food stamps, and finding elder care. You can search for all types of programs at once or target your search to find a specific kind of service.
Needymeds: This is an independent non-profit organization that provides information about patient assistance from drug companies and the government. The site also offers people a discount card that they can use on prescriptions if they have no insurance or choose not to use their insurance. This card is especially useful in paying for medicines after you reach the Medicare coverage gap and Medicare is no longer paying for your prescriptions. (You reach the coverage gap, sometimes called the "donut hole," once you and your plan spend a certain amount of money for covered drugs. After that, you have to pay more for your prescriptions up to a certain amount.)
Medicine Assistance Tool: This is a search tool that helps people learn about cost-saving programs available through drug companies.
Rx Assist: This website lets you enter the name of a medicine or the name of a drug company to find programs that can help you get that medicine or medicines made by that company at a reduced cost. In many cases, the online applications for those programs are included.
  • Website:
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Rx Outreach: This website offers medicines and diabetic treatment supplies at a reduced cost to people who make less than a certain amount of money each year.


Thank you for reaching here. We are indebted to the community for giving us feedback so that we have now grown to six thousand satisfied patients with an average of 4.9 stars. We are proud of our patients and we try fixing all the issues you bring to our notice.

Please understand our process for review and suggestion for improvements. 

  1. Clipboard used during visit has a paper with a section for reviews. You can put your ratings here.
  2. If the space is not sufficient, please fill a suggestion form at front office. You concern will be resolved to your satisfaction within five days
  3. You can also provide your review at the time of checkout, the tablet has a review page. You can add your review there.
  4. After you have left clinic, you can also use your phone to access your visit and review us within seven days.

Online Reviews

We do not respond to online reviews. There are two reasons.

Reason 1: We are worried that any of the staff responding to review may inadvertently disclose your medical history.  These days employers are screening the social media aggressively to check for health concerns for potential hires. We do not want any damage to your employment or future prospects. Even if you have used a fake profile, Google already knows who you are! (Do not believe us,  check the to understand how your online activity is tied to your physical self). So we do not respond to online reviews. 

Reason 2: We already have adequate feedback mechanism and patients routinely fill out glowing reviews on our portal. Yet, we get calls from review companies about paying them to get good reviews. Our rates are most economical in the community. So we do not pay for review/reputation companies and instead focus on best care for our satisfied patients who have grown to six thousand patients by word of mouth for last six years.  Yet easy option for us would have been pay "Google/Yelp/You name it" for getting favorable reviews ( Watch Billion Dollar Bully to understand how the review business works )


Where can I see verified reviews?

Reviews are still useful. However we want patients must be able to safely review without third parties tagging the information. If you want to give an anonymous feedback or check all the reviews where the user is verified use our page at

Additional Problems and how to be wise?

Medicine is unique. There is clinical side and there is a customer side. Physicians own the clinical side. Insurance companies own the customer side. At times we have seen excellent clinical care offered to patient and yet patient is unhappy because we sent a patient a bill which was denied by the insurance.

So we unfortunately get poor stars because of inadequacies introduced by third parties.

We actively encourage you to move to direct primary care to avoid poor customer satisfaction on account of insurance companies. Direct Primary Care is very affordable. Talk to us. 

What if I have not been to the clinic in last seven days and no visit is open to address my issue.

Please open a ticket from the link here. Please provide your cell phone and email so that we can reach you.

At the end of resolution you will get a link where you can review us fairly.