No Show Policy

Our practice goal is to provide the best quality healthcare at cheapest cost and  improved access.  So far we never collected no show fees.  The rationale for this decision was complexity of our patients. We took care of most complex patients who at times could not drive to clinic. We did not want to burden them no show fees..

However technology has solved this problem. We are now able to offer eVisits!  This makes it convenient for patients who can not drive to the clinic. 

Hence we are restating our no show policy. 

For all patients we are now charging a no show if patients miss appointment, or cancel on the day of the appointment.  The no  show fee is Fifty Dollars ($50). If you are a no show, you will see a no show fee added to your bill. This no show fee is your responsibility.

This policy has two sections.

If you are Self Pay or have primary insurance from Commercial Insurance or Medicare, the no show fee is your responsibility. You must pay no show fees before you book additional appointments. 

If you have primary insurance as Medicaid you can ignore the no show fee. You do not pay any  no show fee as per our policy of helping the community.  However if you have two or more no shows without a valid reason, you are released from our care after giving you a notice as per the medical law. 

This policy came in to effect on 08/05/2019. We hope you understand that a strong no show policy improves quality, decreases costs and improves access.  Thank you for your support.