Failure to Diagnose

As we keep stressing here, do no harm means not allowing third parties to insert themselves in the temple called medical clinic. We are saving patients every day. 

The patient came to the clinic for FMLA paperwork (The subspecialists caring for this patient said "That is the job of PCP - Go find one") ; The patient had insurance from the work and hence had already visited multiple doctors. The patient had many interactions with local hospital systems. Patient was admitted to ICU four month ago for similar reasons. Work up was exhaustive and patient had multiple appointments with the subspecialists for a failed procedure. 

Patient already had best specialists in the team and patient had access to all the medical care due to a generous employer plan. So patient was looking only for FMLA paperwork and seemed surprised when we did a work up and caught the problem unnoticed by all the hospitals, all the sub specialists and all the ERs and urgent cares across two states for several years. 

A routine test which was indicated for patient's condition had never been done and all the team was running with various options that enriched the third party owned hospitals and insurance companies. Probably some harm is done to the patient already but atleast we could avert major organ failures because we believe we caught it right on time.  Who knows. 

We put patients first. We are not hospital or insurance owned.  This is primary care at its best.