Do No Harm

From the book ​Of Epidemics 

The physician must be able to tell the antecedents, know the present, and foretell the future — must mediate these things, and have two special objects in view with regard to disease, namely, to do good or to do no harm.”

When we started five years ago we used to see failure to properly diagnose once every six months. We remember the first patient who fell on the kerb due to shortness of breath and came to us for a refill of inhalers. He was being seen by nation's best pulmonogist for three years before he set foot in the clinic . We discoverd that lung nodules were missed for an year where the patient was seen by extenders, nurse providers at this nations leading practice for pulmonology!

Wish he had come to us earlier. 

Off late, we see a failure to diagnose every week. 

This blog will document for the posterity and community valiant efforts of heroic physicians who have resisted the urge to sell their practice to third party entities and continue to do good or do no harm.

This is the primary care at best.