Janssen Vaccine

If you are receiving Janssen Vaccine today you must read this to reduce the risk further. 


FDA has authorized the use of this vaccine. You need only one dose of this vaccine today and after two weeks you have immunity.


However a very rare but serious type of blood clots have been reported.

FDA on 4/26/2021 said,

At this time, the available data suggest that the chance of these adverse events occurring is remote, but investigation into the level of potential excess risk due to vaccination is ongoing. We are also continuing to closely monitor the safety of the vaccine, as we are doing with all COVID-19 vaccines.

In people who have developed blood clots with low levels of platelets following the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, symptoms began approximately 1 to 2 weeks following vaccination.

You should contact your health care provider immediately if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • shortness of breath
  • chest pain
  • leg swelling
  • persistent abdominal pain
  • neurological symptoms (including severe or persistent headaches or blurred vision)
  • easy bruising
  • tiny blood spots under the skin beyond the site of injection of the vaccine

These symptoms are distinct from the commonly reported side effects that people may experience in the first few days following vaccination, which can include headache, fatigue, muscle aches and nausea. Most of these side effects are mild to moderate in severity and last 1 to 2 days.

Moderna Vaccine

You are receiving Moderna Vaccine today you must read this fully to reduce the risk further.


 FDA has authorized the use of this vaccine. You need only two doses of this vaccine . One today and second dose is approximately 28 days from today.


Even though vaccine is safe, just like COVID-19, this  vaccine can flare up immune reaction. At present there is risk of PVT (Portal Vein Thrombosis) and Post Vaccine Myocarditis following mRNA vaccines as published.

So we advise patients following risk mitigation.

In order to reduce risk of PVT, please avoid taking alcohol or fatty foods for a fortnight following vaccination.

We also advise patients to watch out for signs of Myocarditis and avoid strenuous work and heavy exercise following vaccination. Please understand you are training your body to fight COVID so your daily exercise training can be skipped for a few days. Please have adequate rest, hydration and sleep following vaccination.  

These symptoms are distinct from the commonly reported side effects that people may experience in the first few days following vaccination, which can include headache, fatigue, muscle aches and nausea. Most of these side effects are mild to moderate in severity and last 1 to 2 days.

Online Check-in

Please check your phone for a link to your appointment. We call this hotlink. Any time for next seven days you can click on the link and check for updates. We call this hotlink. If you click on hotlink it  shows exact time of your appointment if you have finished all the check in. 

If you are yet to check in, it will show you the form you need to finish to advance your appointment.

Please make sure you have checked the appointment time. Make sure you are checked in to keep your spot. 

Vaccination Certificate

Today's vaccine is free of cost for you if you are US resident.  To prove residency you must provide either social security number or your drivers license. If you have insurance, your insurance pays. If our system charged you please bring it to our notice, we will reverse the charge.
All vaccinations are reported to CIIS tonight. 
Once we have CIIS import data into their system your vaccination certificates can be printed next week and sent to you. When we attach the certificate to your visit, we will send you a text message. Then you can download the certificate from the hotlink for the visit.

How to get hep

Following vaccination if you are feeling poor, please know we are just a phone call away. You can call our board number 720-400-8935 any time of the day. 

You can book a consult from the link here to get help almost the same day. Rather than booking a telephonic appointment, please book a video appointment. That way rashes if any appearing after the vaccine can be seen by your provider. 

You can also create a secure chat session from here to get help during any time of the day and night. Typically secure chats are responded to within 4 hours. You are able to upload pictures of any rash, any swelling in the chat itself!

Needless to say if you have any serious headache, blurred vision, slurred speech or balance issues you must head to ER immediately and inform that you recently got your COVID Vaccine recently and Heparin must not be used for treating your clots.  




This is pandemic. Every one of us are going to get it.  These are some of things we can do to prevent serious harm.

  1. Take your vaccine. Now world has administered close to 100 million vaccines and every side effect has been studied. Blood clot issue with Viral Vector Vaccines (AstraZeneca or Janssen)is way less scarier than COVID related blood clots. Better be safe. Similarly the post vaccine Myocarditis related with mRNA vaccine too is way less scary than COVID related complications and long term disability.
  2. Have a good lifestyle. Stop smoking and ditch alcohol consumption.  Keep your liver ship shape by not ingesting toxins.
  3. Get your   annual physical done and get suggestions on how to stop aging and body harm due to diseases not correctly diagnosed or treated.
  4. Sunlight is not only disinfectant but also a key enablers for our immunity. Get your vitamin D  levels checked during annual wellness visit or just get over the counter vitamin supplements.
  5. Hydrate plenty following your vaccination. Kidneys need help in taking away dead cells following immune response.
  6. Be nice to your friend and your foe. Be nice to each other whether they are red or blue or black or white.  Unnecessary stress brings down immunity. Be forgiving. Be optimistic.
  7. Remember world is one family. Help others to get helped by others. 

Financial Strain

To help the community, we are making this promise. We will not do any collection for patients when patient seeks help from us for COVID. 
We have a small grant to cover the costs related to this and we are thankful to your support in the community. 
Together we will heal. 




At the time of office visit, please present your insurance card.  We bill your visit to the insurance card you present. 

In the event of an error in your insurance, please let our front office staff know.

We are in network with most insurances. However individual plans may vary and not known till a claim is adjudicated.

We are a smoke free facility.

We need every patient to finish all the forms online and check in online if possible. 

Most visits start on time, so please plan to be at the office, fifteen minutes before your appointment.

Habitual no show patients are terminated from the patient panel.

We charge a no show fee.

If you are not able make the commute, or take time off for commute , explore tele medicine available now.