Quarterly Breast Cancer Screening

Date :  1/27/2017

Location: New Horizons Primary Care

Time: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm




With early detection five-year survival is almost 100%.

3D mammogram detects up to 41%  more accurately than 2D mammograms.

There is no charge for you for screening mammograms.

The event is held in our office and we coordinate care.

Book appointments from our front office or from the link here.


We follow an open access scheduling. We always make urgent appointments available for our patients. You may book your appointment using this form here.

We are happy to introduce a weight loss program for the benefit of our patients. This program is being created using guidelines from CDC. If you are interested please fill the weight loss program opt-in forms at the office. The seats are extremely limited and we are now accepting applications for our red batch.