This article explains what is the difference between regular eVisits and eVisits at New Horizons Primary Care.  

1) Your insurance company may advertise eVisits. But these visits are not with your physician. They may not even be with a physician.  Our eVisits from our website are with our physician.

2) Insurance company's eVisits are only eVisits. They can not be converted into a real visit.  Many times visit may start out as eVisit but quickly need for physical exam is realized at that time your insurance may ask you to go to your physician. Thus you will be paying not just for eVisit but also need to repeat the visit with your physician.  

3) Unlike eVisits at the insurance company's website, our eVisits are supported by our local presence. If you need a lab, you can stop by same day and get the labs done!

4) Unlike eVisit at the insurance company's website, our eVisit  has your own physician looking at you. We have your complete chart and can make informed decisions.

5) Unlike eVisit at the insurance company that is limited to very minor issues, our evisits can address much larger issues because of our ability to extend eVisit into a real visit.

6) eVisit at the insurance does not address chronic care management. Our eVisits can address your specific needs as part of chronic care management

7) eVisit at the insurance does not address the lab follow ups. Our eVisit addresses lab follow ups.


Given all these advantages, why is it that we do not want to offer eVisits from your insurance!  Our observation is whenever insurance is involved costs go up. Our eVisit is at $50 per visit. If we allow insurance company to offer this we have to double the price to meet the profit motives of the insurance.


So, to keep the prices low, we are not in network with any insurances for these eVisits.