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We provide same day appointments. Please use the link below.

Same Day Appointment

Hours of Operation

We are open M-F from 9 am to 5 pm with a lunch break between 12 noon and 1 pm.


14707 E 2nd Ave Suite 150 Aurora CO 80011

Phone and Fax

Phone: 720.400.8935 Fax: 720.216.1934
Dr Kamat

Dr Kamat

Hello. Welcome to my solo practice where the focus will be on you! My practice is independent and not owned by a hospital. I have worked as hospital internist at hospitals in Colorado and Texas. I am currently accepting new patients from most of commercial insurance. I graduated from Medical School more than fifteen years ago. I am board certified in Internal Medicine and currently provide complete outpatient primary care for adults patients.

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The review system tracks patient feedback in real time and addresses any issue to your satisfaction. On 5th day of every month we calculate star ratings for the last month and provide feedback to all the employees. Star rating for the last month is shown above.

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Flu Shots Are Available

We now have flu shot for season 2018-19 available. Flu shot in the clinic has no mercury, no eggs, no latex and is quadrivalent (protects against 4 strains) This flu season make sure you are protected.
Hospital And ERs

Hospital And ERs

We work with local ERs and hospitals to provide care continuity and primary care follow-ups when needed. Please use the link below to book appointments with Dr. Kamat. Make sure to provide last four digits of SSN for the patient. We need that to pull charts from EPIC before the visit. Thanks for your referral.

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Getting Setup As Our Patient

We treat chronic and acute conditions. We also accept most of the insurances. Our Medicaid panel is currently closed. You must book an appointment using the links above to for an initial evaluation

Quicker Appointments

Quicker Appointments We promise to provide you appointment within 48 hours when you need one! Most of the times you will be able to get same day appointments!

Secure Messaging

If you are set up with our Prime direct care offering, you can use secure message to communicate with your doctor.


If you are set up with our Prime Direct Primary Care you can have a e-Visit with your doctor!

Preventative Screenings

We do age appropriate vaccinations, preventative screening such as routine blood tests and pap smear in office. We can also coordinate yearly mammogram and five yearly colonoscopy screenings based on the risk.

Acute Illness

Avoid unnecessary hospital, ER and urgent care visits and their expensive fees. If you are sick you can get the same day appointment, that too with an MD! We treat acute sinusitis, acute skin rash, acute UTI, acute sprain of joints, pinkeye, acute bronchitis, upset stomach and allergies.

Chronic Conditions

We provide comprehensive care plan and monitor and manage chronic conditions. We manage chronic conditions such as Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism and Weight Issues. Our care plan based approach has significantly improved the lives of patients with these conditions.

Women's health

We provide routine exams that improve women's health. We provide screening for breast exams, pelvic exams and Pap Smears in the office. We counsel family planning and various other issues.

Geriatric Care

We provide complex care co-ordination for geriatric patients so that they can enjoy the sunset years with dignity.

In Office Procedures

Our office offers many in office procedures such as EKGs, TB skin tests, Biopsies, Holter Monitors and other office procedures.

Basic Orthopedic Care

We do in house splints and casts. Please note this service is offered only if your insurance covers this service or you are a self pay.

Basic Surgical Care

We provide suturing, Incision and drainage of abscess, mole removal, joint injections, drainage of fluid from joints and trigger point injections in office. Please note that surgical visits have to be booked separately from visit for medicine.

Basic Pulmonogy Care

We have in office spirometry lab to diagnose and manage your pulmonary disease. We can also order home based sleep study to diagnose and manage sleep apnea. We also provide in office treatments such as nebulizers. We also offer basic tests to properly identify correct care.

Basic Endocrinology Care

We provide complete care for diabetes. Our diabetes patients see remarkable improvement in HBA1Cs. Our approach is customized to patient and stage of disease and algorithms based on the best standard of care. We also treat patients with other endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism.

STD Check

Book appointment today for a private checkup. We do all the tests in the privacy of the office and we treat if tests are positive.

In Office Tests

We do many tests in office and our rates are very affordable. We provide urine analysis, urine pregnancy test, rapid strep test, rapid flu test, HBA1C for diabetes management, Liver/Kidney/Electrolytes. Cholesterol tests, PT/INR tests. Results are available within 10 to 15 minutes of the tests and it helps busy patients to address the issues right away.

Shots Available in Office

We provide following shots in the office. Vitamin B12, Toradol shots to relieve pain, Kenalog shots, Antibiotic shots, Lidocaine. We also provide vaccines such as flu, TDAP and Hep B shots in office.

Why Us!

We focus on you. We are small practice with exceptionally dedicated staff!

Focus on the Patient

New Horizons Primary Care focuses on the patient

Up to Date

Our doctors are board certified and actively update their medical knowlege

Coordinated Care

We provide care coordination to improve outcomes